We Build Professional Sprinkler Fitters

Who are we?

The local Sprinkler Fitter training center is over 25,000 square feet and is located in Alsip, IL.  Sprinkler training covers all aspects of commercial, industrial, residential and service work.  The site has two large classrooms and an additional two computer rooms with 26 computers. The training center equipment includes, 14 welding booths, an overhead crane, a flame beveller, a plasma cutting machine, a diesel fire pump assembly, a fire pump on a live header with 22 sprinkler valves, and a two story wood frame house used for residential training. The training from this facility has produced six consecutive years of Apprentice State Champions and also serves for continuing journey-level training. 

For nearly 70 years the Sprinkler Fitters working in northwest Indiana and Chicagoland area have installed, tested and maintained sprinkler systems. We are proud to have installed these necessary lifesaving and property saving systems that are so important to our way of life. We take our jobs extremely serious because you only get one opportunity to install these systems properly.

What is a Sprinkler Fitter?

A Sprinkler Fitter installs fire sprinkler piping systems including the layout and installation of underground fire mains.  With proficient knowledge of fire codes and responsibility for safety applications this tradesperson installs and maintains pressurized piping equipment and devices to supply fire protection and extinguishing systems with water, foam, carbon dioxide and other materials in places such as hospitals, homes, commercial buildings, municipal buildings, industrial facilities and manufacturing plants.

How can I Prepare?

Successful Sprinkler Fitters typically have solid math and problem-solving skills. They should possess high mechanical aptitude and good manual dexterity. They should be comfortable working on ladders and below grade in trenches. A Sprinkler Fitters typically work at heights between 10 and 30 feet above ground level. Recommended high school courses include: algebra, geometry, mechanical drafting, and English composition. Written and verbal communication skills are also essential.


Apprenticeship Length

5 Years

Ivy Tech  Degree

Not Eligible for Ivy Tech Degree

Apprenticeship Opportunities

Sprinkler Fitters Local 281 Apprenticeship Training Center
11900 S. Laramie Avenue
Alsip, IL 60803
Phone: 708-597-1800

Application Period
Call 708-597-1800

Application Cost

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