We Build Boilermaker Professionals

Who are we?

The professional instructors at the Boilermaker training center educates and trains future Boilermakers, by exposing apprentices to a variety of training that produce a safe, highly skilled and productive workforce. Boilermaker work demands a high degree of technical skill, constant attention to safety, a dedication to excellence, a willingness to study and complete on-the-job training, and an ability to travel from job site to job site to maintain employment. Today’s field construction Boilermaker apprentice is involved in more than just the construction of boilers. Apprentices are a vital part of construction project teams that erect pressure vessel assemblies and fabricate metal plate. You could be involved in the installation of a giant superheater section in a large utility boiler, the erection of a 2000,000 - barrel water storage tank, or construction of components at power generating stations. The owner community and contractors that employ our members rely on the Boilermakers National Apprenticeship Program to produce the needed Boilermaker crafts-persons that will possess the skills needed to perform the work in the safest and most productive manner possible. 

What is a Boilermaker?

The name "boilermaker" can be misleading.  While boilermakers do build, install, and repair boilers, they also install and repair large repositories that are used to hold and process liquids, chemicals, oil, and various other products.  Other things boilermakers may work on are blast furnaces, air pollution equipment, smoke stacks, storage and process tanks, fireboxes, water treatment plants, and hydroelectric power generation turbines. The professional Boilermaker assembles, erects, and maintains these systems using hoisting, rigging, welding equipment, tools and hardware as required by drawings, specifications and the applicable codes and standards.  They work throughout the commercial and industrial sector of the Power Generation, Pollution Control, Petro-Chemical, Steel, Pulp & Paper, Ship Repair, Mining, and other related industries. 

How can I Prepare?

Successful Boilermakers usually have solid math and problem-solving skills, high mechanical aptitude, good manual dexterity and a tolerance for working in cramped spaces. Boilermakers need to be in good physical shape to perform the duties of the trade.  It is suggested students have a fundamental understanding of physics and algebra.  Written and verbal communication skills are also essential.


Apprenticeship Length

4 Years

Ivy Tech Degree

Associate of Applied Science from Ivy Tech Community College issued upon successful completion of apprenticeship program

Apprenticeship Opportunities

Boilermakers Local 374
760 N Union Street
Hobart, IN 46342
Phone:  219-845-1000

Application Period

Applications are distributed on the: First Friday of January, April, July and October from 10:00 a.m. to Noon (local time)

Application Cost

No cost.





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