We Build Roofing & Waterproofing Professionals

Who are we?

The Roofers & Waterproofers training center provides apprenticeship opportunities for individuals seeking a career in the Roofing & Waterproofing industries. Certified and trained instructors throughout our industry prepare individuals for a prosperous future in our industry. We pride ourselves on delivering value utilizing our skilled workforce and demanding the absolute best quality and service on every job.  Our mission is to develop the most highly trained and dedicated roofing and waterproofing technicians in the country.

What is a Roofer & Waterproofer?

Roofers and Waterproofers work on a variety of types of buildings, protecting those facilities against water intrusion and ultimate damage to the structure and its contents. Roofing in the commercial and industrial sector is generally of the built-up type or the single-ply category. In built-up roofing, layers or piles of felt are set in hot bitumen over insulation boards to form a waterproof membrane. An aggregate may be imbedded in a final bitumen coat to protect the membrane from ultraviolet radiation of the sun and other environmental hazards.

Single-ply roofing encompasses all of the newer plastic, thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO), rubber (EPDM) and other elasto-plastic type membranes that have their seams welded by solvent or hot air or glued with contact adhesive to form a monolithic waterproofing membrane. These systems may have a stone or rock or paver block ballast installed over them or they may be partially or totally adhered to the substrate. These systems are also installed over roof insulation boards.

A separate category of roofing is the modified bitumen system that may be applied with hot bitumen or torched-on with high intensity propane burners.

Another area of roofing is the residential type. Although these applications can also be done in the commercial and industrial sector as well. They include composition shingles, slate, tile and metal roofs.

Waterproofing is a specialty aspect of the roofing trade but is no less important than a roof in protecting a building against moisture intrusion. Waterproofing can be below grade, which is usually foundation work. It can also be done on plaza decks, parking garage floors and other sections of a building where water or moisture protection is crucial. Materials used in waterproofing are generally of the same type used in roofing, although there are many specialty application materials that may be specified for this type of work.

How can I Prepare?

Acceptance into the apprenticeship program is highly competitive. The apprenticeship selection committee will look at your educational background, physical and mental capabilities and previous work experience. To prepare for entry into the apprenticeship program, applicants should hone their knowledge in the following areas of study:  general mathematics (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division), geometry, communication skills, and reading and writing skills.

Apprenticeship Length

4 Years

Ivy Tech Degree

Not Eligible for Ivy Tech Degree

Apprenticeship Opportunities

Roofers Local #26 Training Center
25 W 84th Avenue
Merrillville, IN 46410
Phone:  219-756-3718

Application Period
Applications are accepted weekly on Wednesdays during the following times:
8 am - 12 pm

Application Cost
No cost.



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