We Build Professional Glaziers

Who are we?

The professional Glazier apprenticeship training program emphasizes on-the-job training and classroom instruction to gain the experience necessary to become a qualified journey-level worker versed in the theory and practice of the occupation.  

What is a Glazier?

The Glazing industry is comprised of many facets and applications of construction technology. Glaziers cut, install and replace all types of glass related products in commercial and residential window, storefront, skylight, architectural panel and curtain wall systems. They are proficient in the installation of all types of aluminum and glass doors, understand the intricacies of waterproofing and flashing, as well as the ability to perform quality custom shower door and mirror work.  Glaziers are benefiting from an increasing demand for environmentally conscious "green" construction, which often features energy-efficient glass products like double-paned windows that reduce heat loss. 

The Journey-level Glazier possesses an understanding of math and layout skills, an ability to read shop drawings and blueprints and is trained to feel comfortable with a builder’s level, laser level or the use of today’s most sophisticated power tools to perform their work. Naturally the Glazier is safely at home in or on most scaffoldings, aerial stages, lifts and platforms. 

How can I Prepare?

Apprentice candidates should have a strong foundation of math and design. Applicants should try and take as many courses in math, science, shop, and mechanical drawing as they can.  They should also be able to read and interpret construction blueprints.  The growing use of computers in glass layout requires glaziers to be familiar with computers and computer-aided drafting programs.

Apprenticeship Length

4 Years

Ivy Tech Degree

Not Eligible for Ivy Tech Degree

Apprenticeship Opportunities

Glaziers Local 1165
6501 Massachusetts Avenue
Indianapolis, IN 46226
Phone:  317-542-7617

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