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Who are we?

The greater Illinois and Indiana Heat & Frost Insulators proud history dates back to the late 1800s, and has since produced a countless number of trained professionals who are the best in the business. This success comes from its members, who receive cutting-edge training and guidance, and who understand how important their work is to our society. The experience and expertise of the Heat & Frost Insulators is without comparison and the numbers speak for themselves. Last year, 1,000 active members worked at over 10,000 industrial, commercial and residential job sites.

Members of the Heat & Frost Insulators receive a combination of on-the-job training and classroom instruction that is unmatched in the industry. Each professional spends a minimum of four years in the classroom, studying math, blueprint interpretation, application techniques, pattern layout, workplace safety and supervision. They have are also committed to continuing education, and train an average of 125 journey-level workers each year on the latest techniques and standards.

What is a Heat & Frost Insulator?

Heat and Frost Insulators work with commercial and industrial insulation. They install insulation and soundproofing for heating, ventilation, steam generation, process piping and plumbing systems, remove hazardous waste, and firestopping.  Heat and Frost Insulators are responsible for installing the materials that control and maintain the temperature of buildings and mechanical equipment.  They work with adhesives, staples or tape to secure insulation to walls and structures, or use machines to blow insulation directly into spaces. A variety of machinery and power tools are constantly used.  They also remove asbestos and lead from old buildings prior to renovation or demolition.  Heat and Frost Insulators use vacuums and scrapers and have to work carefully to remove the asbestos during abatement.  Work is conducted in commercial buildings, refineries, ships, industrial plants and private residences in all kinds of indoor and outdoor climates.

The working conditions tend to be in and around dust. The minute particles from insulation materials, especially when blown, can irritate the eyes, skin and respiratory system. Removing cancer-causing asbestos insulation is a hazardous task. To protect from the dangers of asbestos and irritants, workers follow strict safety guidelines, take decontamination showers, keep work areas well ventilated and wear protective suits, masks and respirators. 

How can I Prepare?

Acceptance into the Heat & Frost Insulator apprenticeship program is highly competitive. The apprenticeship selection committee will look at your educational background, physical and mental capabilities and previous work experience. To prepare for entry into the apprenticeship program, applicants should hone their knowledge in the following areas of study:  general mathematics (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division), communication skills, and reading and writing skills.


Apprenticeship Length

5 Years

Ivy Tech Degree

Not Eligible for Ivy Tech Degree

Apprenticeship Opportunities

Heat & Frost Insulators - Local 17 JATC
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Application Period
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