We Build Project Engineers

What is a Project Engineer?

The Project Engineer supports the Superintendent and Project Manager on an assigned project.  The Project Engineer performs many duties that they perform to help ensure that a project runs efficiently.  Project Engineers typically fill out daily progress reports which document work performed, weather conditions, equipment used, etc.  They keep records of employee timecards and help ensure that all employees are paid correctly.  They ensure a project has the necessary tools and equipment to complete the job.   Project Engineers must be able analyze specifications and drawings in order to procure building materials for the project.  They inspect and verify that all material deliveries are accurate.  Project Engineers help with many duties that must be performed so a job can be closed-out, this may include obtaining warranties, submitting billings, and filling out other paperwork.

How Can I Prepare?

Project Engineers must possess strong written and verbal communications skills and manages time effectively.  They must have the ability to read and understand construction specifications and drawings.  They must have strong computer skills and proficiency in Microsoft Office programs.  Proficiency in other computer software such as Primavera and AutoCAD is helpful.  Project Engineer must have a degree in Construction Management, Engineering, or equivalent.  A Business degree is also helpful, especially for those who already have a background in Construction.  

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