We Build Project Managers

What is a Project Manager?

Project Managers oversee the construction of commercial buildings, heavy highway projects, public works projects, industrial construction and maintenance projects. Project Managers are typically involved from the early stages of project development and continue to work on the project until it is completed. It is the Project Manager’s responsibility to make sure that all of the work is done properly, on time, and within budget. Travel may be required since projects may be located in different parts of the country or even the world.

The Project Manager prepares a plan that details the steps required to complete a construction project.  They read and interpret project drawings and specifications to calculate the material costs and labor hours needed to complete the project. Project managers plan, schedule, and coordinate all construction processes to ensure an orderly and productive jobsite throughout each phase of the project.  They must control project costs in order to keep the planned costs in line with the project budget and constantly look for opportunities to reduce redundancies and costs while maintaining the integrity of the project scope.

Project Managers work closely with many individuals on projects such as clients, architects, engineers, inspectors, superintendents, trade workers, project engineers, estimators, subcontractors, other project managers, and material suppliers.   The project manager orders permits necessary to complete the project, and ensure that the workers have the necessary equipment and materials on the jobsite to perform the work. 

How Can I Prepare?

Construction Project Managers require a broad background in both construction techniques as well as design, engineering, and business administration skills.  Having a bachelor's degree in a construction or engineering discipline along with several years of construction experience offers the best opportunity to gain an entry level project management position.  Many of the best construction project managers start out in the skilled building trades and then supplement that experience by earning a college degree. 

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