We Build Professional Pile Drivers

Who are we?

Pile Driving professionals are trained to approach every project with productivity and safety as the primary goal. Training is done in both classroom and hands-on settings at state-of-the-art training centers around the country. Initial training for apprentices and skill- enhancement courses for journeymen are taught by industry veterans or industry and manufacturer technical experts. Subjects range from basic skills to new technologies, tools and installation methods. Safety is a critical component of our training. In conjunction with OSHA, we train for a variety of situations, so that our professionals are experts in OSHA standards, MSDS, first aid and CPR, fall protection, ergonomics, and more.

What is a Pile Driver?

Pile drivers work with pile-driving rigs that drive metal, concrete or wood piling into the earth during the early stages of construction. They are usually the first workers at a commercial job site. They drive metal sheet piling to hold back dirt during excavations, drive concrete, metal and wood pilings as part of the foundation system for skyscrapers and drive wood and concrete pilings to hold up docks, wharves and bridges. Some may work on offshore some may work as commercial divers involved in underwater construction. Pile drivers work with a variety of hand and portable power tools, and frequently cut, join and fasten metal construction materials using welding equipment and oxy-acetylene torches.

How can I Prepare?

Successful Pile Drivers usually have solid math and problem-solving skills, high mechanical aptitude, good manual dexterity. It is suggested students have a fundamental understanding of general mathematics, algebra, physics, earth science, and the ability to read and comprehend construction drawings.  Written and verbal communication skills are also essential.  Experience in welding is beneficial, but not required.

Apprenticeship Length

4 Years

Ivy Tech Degree

Not Eligible for Ivy Tech Degree

Apprenticeship Opportunities

Pile Drivers Local 578
4979 Indiana Avenue, Ste 211
Lisle, IL 60532
Phone:  630-325-6072

Application Period
Applications are accepted daily during the following times:
8 am - 11 am & 1 pm - 3 pm

Application Cost
No cost.


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